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Want to shop in New York City but do not have the time or cannot afford to go there?  Can't find something in your state or country? SAVE ON TIME, GAS, PLANE FARE, FOOD & LODGING and let us shop for you. Send me a picture and description of the item or items you want to purchase.

Personal Shopper’s fees are as follows:

  • 10% commission of the total order
  • A $15 minimum fee per order
  • Shipping cost (to be assessed once we know what is being shipped & where)

You provide information regarding your shopping needs. We will do our best to find the item or items meeting your personal or business needs and notify you by e-mail. You will receive timely information and will be contacted according to your wishes.

In order to find the item(s) you want you must give very specific details. Below is a REQUEST FORM, copy and paste the form (everything you see in blue below) to the body of your email, type the answers next to each field, in the subject heading write "Shopping Service Request" and email it to


Attach photos or images of the items you want purchased to your email




Brand name

Model #




Shipping address

Destination (if shipping outside the country)




Your request cannot be processed until all the details above are emailed to us. If some of the fields are not applicable then just leave it blank.


*Address & payment information must be verified. Shipping address and address used in payment (credit card) process must match. When using PayPal, shipping address/ credit card information must be verified. Orders/items over a total value of $300 will NOT be fulfilled, we do all this in order to avoid fraud.

* $15 deposit is paid by you before anything is done and its only refunded if we are unsuccessful getting the item(s) you want, if we are successful the deposit is not returned its becomes the minimum fee per order.

There are no guarantees we can find the item you want to purchase if that is the case nothing will be charged to you and your deposit is returned, however if we do find something similar or something you maybe interested in we can offer you that instead and we can go from there. The item ships once we receive total payment for all fees (commission and shipping cost (deposit is already paid at this point), if you change your mind, the item will be simply returned, however you need to pay $15 minimum fee to cover time, and money spent in getting the item. If the item you want is final sale (which means the item cannot be returned once we purchase it), then fees must be paid in advance and you will be asked to confirm the purchase before its made. we can only quote you an estimate for shipping once we have an idea what is being shipped, how many and where it's going to but the commission cannot be assessed until we know the price of the item(s) purchased.